À raconter ses maux, souvent on les soulage


this vine is better than all of paranormal activity


Procession (2002-2006) - Catherine Gfeller

about hong kong, what it means to be chinese and loyalty



1. As we know, Hong Kongers are protesting against the latest news that they can only choose their leader from a list of candidates pre-approved by Beijing- a troubling development because China had promised Hong Kong could keep its liberal democratic…


i realise a lot of people on tumlr don’t follow sports/particularly the nfl and that means a lot of people on tumlr have no reason to know that the San Diego Chargers’ mascot is this horrible being named Boltman that i am increasingly sure is @dril’s physical form


Shoegaze cat.


this girl ripped her galaxy leggings today and i couldnt stop laughing because there was a rip in the fabric of space


juju-ser-arte :

Fabien Souche, Nu ayant descendu l’escalier, d’après Botticelli [ Nudez tendo descido uma escada , de acordo com Botticelli], 31,2 x 41,2 cm - 2010
Série de colagens sur papier en Hommage au célébrissime tableau de Marcel Duchamp
Série de colagens em papel, em homenagem a famosa pintura de Marcel Duchamp